SWITTEN , training and advice in plastics and packaging offers a range of training services and advice for individual companies and institutions. 30 years experience in plastics and packaging both in technical development as well as in marketing have been gathered through leading positions in R&D, manufacturing and marketing. We provide assistance in the following domains:


  • Basics of chemistry focused on plastics
  • Raw materials used in the plastics industry
  • Different types of plastics : properties and end uses
  • Conversion of plastics by extrusion, injection moulding, blow moulding, compounding, etc...
  • Additives used in the plastics industry
  • Plastics used for packaging, materials, properties, advantages and disadvantages
  • Converting plastics for packaging : blow moulding, film moulding, cast film, thermoforming
  • MAP packaging
  • Biomaterials
  • Launch of a new packaging system
  • Investment decisions to produce new products
  • Selection of raw materials to be used.
  • Market investigation for new products
  • Decision making for stepping into new markets
  • Food approval, logistics, transport, etc…
  • Training of personnel

We are also actively involved in the sales of polyester resins, polyester films for thermoforming and specialties for the packaging industry.

Since 2009 Jan Switten is a member of InnonetPartners.