Essentials in Packaging

To give an insight in the complex world of packaging together with Innoform Coaching we have developed this course where we discuss the essentials in packaging The video course is buildup of four modules gradually explaining the different elements of the packaging chain. In Module 4 we concentrate us on the world of the actually most discussed and wanted biopolymers for packaging on the today

Module 1: basics about packaging

starts with the basics of packaging. Why packaging is important. Giving the basic ground stones of packaging: the polymers. What are the relations between structure and properties of polymers? We then give an overview of the different classes of polymers used in packaging Polyethylene’s, polypropylene’s, polyesters and polyamides. We finish this module with additives.

Module 2: Production of plastic films and parts

is handling then the techniques of conversion and transformation of this polymers into film, bottles etc. We end up with lamination and multilayer films but also thermoforming and extrusion blow molding are discussed

Module 3: The last stage in packaging

is presenting the final steps before packaging is entering into the distribution chain. Easy opening, seal-peel are described Next issues are barrier and MAP packaging to end with testing and European food regulations

Module 4 : Biopolymers for packaging

This part is completely designed to understand biomaterials Definitions and different terminologies are discussed in detail. Following issues are taken into account:
  • Biodegradation
  • Composting
  • Biobased materials
  • Circular economy
The module gives then a description of the most important groups of biomaterials:
  • Polylactic acid materials.
  • The polyhydroxy alcanoate family.
  • Starch and cellulose based materials.
  • Illustration of commercial materials.
The total course comprises around 50 videos between 10 and 20 minutes each. The course is commercialized in cooperation with Innoform coaching More information is available under following link: